Things to remember to
help you keep your home

1. Evictions happen fast

Landlords can start the eviction process after a single missed payment. Once an eviction notice is posted, you could be evicted in a matter of weeks.

2. Communicate quickly

Communication breakdown between landlords and tenants is a common cause of eviction. You are more likely to keep your lease if you communicate early on. If you negotiate a payment plan, agree to a rate you can afford.

3. Do not withhold rent

Even when something is wrong with your rental, continue to pay your rent. You may not have a legal right to withhold payment. When a landlord fails to address the issue, ask for legal advice about how to proceed.

4. Keep records

Communicate in writing and keep all your records. Save payment receipts and any written communications with your landlord, such as emails and letters. A court may ask to see these.

5. Take action

If an eviction notice is posted, do not ignore it. An eviction is a court process that will not go away. An eviction against you goes on public record and will likely make it difficult to find housing in the future.

6. Ask for help

There are resources near you. Before you go to court, learn about housing assistance, legal aid, and tenants’ rights counseling in your area. Visit for more information.

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